MAGIK - Managing Completeness of Data


MAGIK is a web-based tool for managing database completeness*
  • How to know what is missing in the database?


    MAGIK allows one to keep track of the complete parts of the database by means of meta-information.

  • Which is the main feature?


    The main MAGIK features are the reasoning facilities that can infer whether a database is complete enough to guarantee that an answer retrieved by a query is the same as if the database is complete.
  • And if a query is not complete?


    MAGIK is able to find queries similar to the original query, that are guaranteed to be complete. These queries are the most specific complete generalization, which approximates the query from above, and the least specific complete specialization, which approximate the query from below. In addition, MAGIK returns which parts of the database need to be completed to make the answer to the original query complete.